House from SIP panels in Dnipro

House from SIP panels in Dnipro

Many people dream of their home and want it to be reliable and durable. If they plan to build,firstly,they choose materials.You have to choose your building material which will be inexpensive and will have top quality. Among the popular materials are SIP panels, which were invented in the USA more than 50 years ago. They gained popularity quickly and are used all over the world. This material has many advantages, and it is recommended to find out their features before building. In our company “M2-House”you can order a house from SIP panels(Sip House)in the Dnipro,and the masters will quickly cope with the task. The person will be satisfied with the cooperation and will be able to fulfill his dream of a reliable home.


SIP Features

Development of this material began in the United States, although the technology is believed to have been invented in Canada. There is a reasonable explanation for this. Canada has a harsh climate, that’s why it is important for people to insulate their homes.

Structures such as Sip-panels were actively used there, so the construction methods began to be called Canadian. SIP is a type of sandwich panels that are made of three layers. Outside there are OSB sheets, and there is also a heater – expanded polystyrene.

The size of these panels is different, on average, their width reaches 1200 mm.  The length is significantly different, it can be from 2500 to 6000 mm. Special attention should be paid to the thickness, because this parameter depends on the insulation. Typical values ​​are in the range 100-200 mm.  The thicker the panel, the better the house will retain heat.

As for the insulation, expanded polystyrene is most often used, which is popular because of its lightness and thermal conductivity. The leaf has air bubbles, and its thickness reaches 100 mm. It does heat insulation just as well as a sand-lime brick wall.(It works as well with thermal insulation as a sand-lime brick wall.)

It is recommended to explore the advantages of houses from SIP panels before ordering their construction. You will be able to make a deliberate decision, which you will not have to regret about later.

Advantages of SIP houses

As already mentioned, this type of panel is a sandwich, where insulation is located between two sheets of OSB. Due to this technology, it is possible to improve the properties of the material, and houses made of it(material)are not inferior in characteristics to buildings made of silicone bricks. At the same time, SIP panels are inexpensive, which allows you to save on construction costs in general. Our company “M2-House” is engaged in the construction of buildings from this material, taking into account the wishes of the client. The design is durable and of high quality, it can last for more than one decade.


 • Terms of construction.  One of the main advantages of SIP buildings is the short construction time. You can build a large house 

 in a few weeks or even faster in which you can live. The main thing is to contact professionals who work diligently and have experience in this matter. Otherwise, the building may not meet the requirements, and this affects its operational characteristics.

• Thermal insulation. This is also an important advantage, because it is important for people that the room is warm in the winter.The walls will not let the cold through, because the insulation does its job perfectly.

• Ease of installation. The buildings are easy to assemble, so it is not necessary for a whole team to work on the project.This is due to the fact that the panels are “lightweight” and there is no need to use construction equipment.

• High strength. For gluing materials, special glue and a press are used.  Consequently, the panels will be(are) reacted to the load as if they are one whole. They are not afraid of strong winds, rain, even a hurricane.  Plus, they are not easily damaged.

• Environmental friendliness.  The material has certificates proving its safety.  It does not harm the environment and human health at all.

• You can quickly implement projects regardless of their complexity. It will be possible to find a lot of ready-made solutions to translate them into reality. You can also try to translate your own project into reality.  A person can turn to professionals for this to build their dream home.

It should also be noted that it will be easy for a person to carry out finishing work, and for this you do not even need to wait until the building shrinks. It will be possible to get down to business immediately after the construction of the house is completed.

It can be concluded that buildings have many advantages that people are guided by.  There are also disadvantages, but there are fewer of them.  In any case, you need to be aware of the shortcomings so that later they do not come as a surprise.

Cons of SIP panels

Although houses are in high demand, people should be aware of the downsides.  For someone,they will seem insignificant, because you can quickly build a reliable building.

Of the cons, a low level of sound insulation can be distinguished, but this can be solved.  You will need to take care of the soundproofing of the ceiling and walls, if necessary. 

The insulation can be damaged by rodents. Mice make minks in it, but you can protect walls. It is necessary to take care of the equipment of the ventilation system, because the panels do not allow air to pass through well. We’ll have to foresee everything during the design so that there will no problems.

It is also very important to install an air conditioner if the building is in a warm climate.

This is due to the ability of the panels to retain heat. It will be hot in summer if you don’t take care of the air conditioner.

Another disadvantage is that it is important to finish “finishing”/ conduct finishing immediately after construction. The part of the panels that is located on the outside can quickly lose its beautiful appearance. Therefore, you can’t  ldo without finishing if you want the house to look well and decent.

The rest of the house made of SIP panels in Dnipro will be a good solution, because the structure has a large number of advantages.  At least, a person will be able to save his funds well and get a high-quality house in which he will live for many years.

Where to order the construction of a house?

The work of the builders will determine whether the building is truly reliable. The task must be trusted exclusively by professionals, and not looking for the lowest price. You can order construction work from our company “M2-House”, so as not to worry about anything and trust the masters.

Advantages of our company:

• Fast installation.  We can erect an entire building in just 5 days. This is a very short amount of time, and competitors are not capable of this.

• Ready-made solutions.  There are already created projects, and a person only needs to choose the most suitable one.  It is also possible to draw up a building plan individually

• Materials.  We understand that quality plays an important role, therefore we do not save on it.  All materials are strong enough,durable and do their job well.

• Certificates.  They confirm the fact that we work really well.

Order a house from SIP panels from(in) our company if you value your time. We guarantee excellent results in the shortest possible time.  The client will be satisfied with the cooperation and will recommend us to his friends.