Our home kits
from 91m2
M2 home kit (frame and panel technology)
Installation from $15m2
  • Set of starter bar
  • Double waterproofing
  • Set of strapping bar
  • Set of exterior wall panels 150-155 mm of factory production with OSB and basalt heater 45 kg / m3 and steam insulation and mounting rail "M2 Thermo Wall"
  • Set of internal wall panels 140/40, 90/40 mm of factory production
  • Two-torsion beam of overlapping of M2-joist 300 mm
  • Vibro-sound insulating tape for beam
  • OSB-22 mm Egger set for a floor
  • OSB set for sewing the ends of the facade
  • Set of basalt overlap heater 35 kg / m3
  • Mounting trusses set for MZF or rafters set 190/40 mm
  • Crate and counter crate kit
  • Set of a heater for a roof of 35 kg / m3
  • Set of roofing membrane and vapor barrier
  • Set of rails for lining the roof, overlapping
  • Fasteners according to specification
  • Mounting foam
  • Constructive design of the assembly
Our building packages
Standard Package
Frame‎from 165m2
SIPfrom 190m2
  • Foundation
  • Home kit
  • Assembling
  • Roofing
  • Windows, doors
  • Engineering